Fashion Inspiration: Peppermint

I'm a little addicted to all things involving mint. Mint chocolate chip, minty blended mochas, candycanes, you name 'em, I probably drool all over it…
janet Sep 21, 2011

New York Skinny vs Paris Skinny - One Blogger Weighs In

This is probably my favorite fashion-related read of the week. Parisian blogger Garance Dorespeaks about her adventures with food while living in New York, where  "the…
janet Aug 21, 2011
Hot or Not? Rihanna in a Featherduster... or a Slain Yeti Pelt?pic

Hot or Not? Rihanna in a Featherduster... or a Slain Yeti Pelt?

I.... don't get it?? Rihanna popped up at the London launch of her new fragrance Reb'l Fleur and all I can muster is a feeble chain…
janet Aug 20, 2011

Giambattista Valli Designs a Collection for Macy's

Stores like Target and H&M have jumped on the boat of frequently enlisting famous designers to create looks for less lines for them, like Dolce…
janet Aug 19, 2011

Underage Model's Parents Sue Urban Outfitters for 'Salacious' Poses

Hey guys, remember Thylane Blondeau-Rose, the 10-year-old French model whose creepily adult-like photos drove us (and the rest of the interwebs) into a rage to…
janet Aug 19, 2011

Scarlett, Hayden and Other Red Carpet Regulars Try Designing Shoes... But Are They Good?

Co-Designed by Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson, Hayden Panettiere, Olivia Palermo and Michelle Tratchenberg have all teamed with Stuart Weitzman to all help design their own shoe…
janet Aug 17, 2011

Style Inspiration: Two Tone Hair

Colored hair is doing something BIG this year. I mean, have you noticed yet? I myself am stuck in the confining loophole of never being…
25 new pics
janet Aug 16, 2011

Style Profile: Christina Perri

Christina Perri is 24, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and wrote the wildly popular hit song "Jar of Hearts". The tattooed songstress is very new on the…
11 new pics
janet Aug 16, 2011

Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton's Marilyn Monroe Moments

As we all learned from The House Bunny, sometimes carefully planned Marilyn Monroe moments do not go as planned. But take a Marilyn Monroe moment…
janet Aug 16, 2011
retouched my hair this weekend... pleased with the results. it came out a lot brighter than it used to be! cooling down in my backyard consequently in my pajamas - i swear i don't wear stuff like this in real life after a long day in traffic.pic

The Vampire / Monster Playlist

The world is currently consumed with one thing: monsters. Be they zombies, vampire or werewolves, there is no denying that these super-human, scary creatures are…
janet Aug 15, 2011

Meet the New Fashion Atrocity: Jean Sweatpants. I'm Dead Serious.

I have a troubled relationship with jean related articles of clothing that are not constructed from denim. My friend tried to convince me of the…
janet Aug 14, 2011

POLL: Who is the Best Dressed Member of Glee?

As you may or may not know, GLEE: The 3D Concert Movie is out this weekend for our viewing pleasure. On top of that, however…
janet Aug 13, 2011

Summer Essentials: Wild 'n Crazy Braids

If there is one wonderful thing braids remind us all of, is that it is summer time. Hot weather and scorching heat encourage us to…
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janet Aug 12, 2011

London Riots Update: The Man Who Lost Everything

One of the unfortunate victims from the London riots was 89-year-old barber Aaron Biber. The elderly gentleman, who has built his shop for 41 years…
janet Aug 12, 2011

Kerli Shares What Kreayshawn’s ‘White Girl Mob’ Can Learn from Her ‘Moonchildren’

nbsp; Off in the realms of Fantasyland, Kerli tweeted a pic of herself with MTV VMA Best New Artist nominee Kreayshawn together. Both women are emerging artists…
janet Aug 11, 2011
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